Keeping your mind and body connected and synchronized can be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful performance. 

Our Integrative Performance Training (IPT) program is aimed at  coaching and developing mental skills in congruence with physical fitness training.

By training the body and mind together you will be able to get the most out of yourself and your training, and take your performance to the next level


Initial Program – 3 sessions* – $350

Advanced Program – 5 Sessions*- $550

Mastery Program – 10 Sessions*  – $1050

Individual Sessions

Individual IPT Session* – $120

Individual MST Session $70 (in person or online)

Individual Fitness Training Session $90

All-In Membership - $900

If you are fully committed to increasing your performance, both physically and mentally, this is the way to go. Our All-In Membership gives you the choice to meet with your coach as many as 12 times per month (3/week). Don’t have time for the fitness training or a mental skills session, don’t worry, you can choose to opt out and save it for an other day.  

Each session includes a Mental Skills Training session (~20-30 mins) as well as a Fitness Training session (~40-50 mins)

Train Your Brain

By learning, developing, and applying the different mental skills, you will be able to take your performance and training to the next level.


• Be more aware

• Stay focused

• Set effective goals

Train Your Body

By improving your flexibility, mobility, and functionality through fitness training you will be able to move, feel, and look your best.


• Increase quality of life

• Enhance performance

• Develop healthy habits

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