Mental Skills Training

Mental skills are essential in every performance, be it sport or general. Our Mental Skills Training programs are aimed at helping you or your team become the best  you can be.


One-on-one sessions to help you become the best performer you can be. Learn how to become more aware by using different mental skills.

Teams / Groups

 Season-long coaching, individual workshops, or camps to help your team become a more cohesive group.


Through our individual training programs, we help you to enhance your athletic performance by developing one crucial, but often neglected, aspect of your training: mental skills. Our consultants move beyond physical conditioning and technical skills training by coaching you to develop mental skills, such as improving your focus, increasing motivation, setting effective goals, controlling anxiety, and staying “in the zone” so that you can achieve your optimal level of mental toughness.

One of the first and most important steps to increasing your mental performance is to become aware: aware of your skills, thoughts, feelings, and actions. Our individual training programs aim to help you increase your awareness and ultimately improve your overall performance.  After having an initial session, our consultants will create a mental skills training (MST) program customized to your specific needs.

3 sessions

Introduction + Assesment + Initial MST Program

The Initial MST program focuses on increasing individuals’ awareness, establishing effective goals, and improving visualization skill.

5 Sessions

Introduction + Assessment + Advanced MST Program

The Advanced MST program includes focus points from the Initial MST program, with additional focus on self-talk and pre-performance routines.

10 Sessions

Introduction + Assessment + Mastery MST Program

The Mastery MST program is the most customized training program  with additional focus on relaxation techniques and advanced MST tools.

100% Mentality Membership - $500

If you are fully committed to increasing your mental strength and performance, this is the way to go. Our 100% Mentality Membership gives you the choice to meet with your coach as many as 8 times per month (2/week). 

Additional single sessions may be added to any of our MST programs at the cost of $95/session.

Consultants are available for day-of coaching; fees are on a case-by-case basis. Contact your consultant for more information.

Mental skills training programs are offered in person or online (Skype, Facetime, Discord).

All information is confidential


A positive and cohesive team environment is key to having a successful team. Good communication, established strategies and roles, shared values and beliefs, and overall understanding are essential to create this successful team environment. This is not limited to the individuals in the team, coaches, staff, and parents also make part of this environment.  

Team Season Services

Full/part time Mental Coach for your team

 Mental Coaches are vital for a team’s success. Ask us for more information


Mental Skills Clinics

One-hour clinics focusing on mental skills of your choosing


Applied Clinics

Excellent addition to training camps, our pre-designed clinics and workshops are a way to provide your athletes with mental skills that they can apply and begin to see the benefits right away

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