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Our Mental Strength Training Program is aimed at introducing, developing and training your mental skills. These skills, which include awareness, goal setting, and visualization, will help improve your focus, maintain your motivation and increase your confidence on and off the field.  

What our clients say

Prior to meeting with Santiago, I was struggling with the mental side of my game. I would get easily frustrated and angry, which would lead to a decrease in my performance. through my sessions with him and the exercises he has provided, I have been able to improve my performance dramatically. I enjoy working with Santiago because of his great personality. I would recommend him to any athlete who feels they need to improve their mental game, as I have seen the effects his coaching has had on me, and the many ways they have been good for me.
Noe, 15

Sabre B Rated Fencer, October 2019 North American Cup Kansas City Gold Medalist

Before meeting with Santiago, I experienced a lot of anxiety and nervousness both before and during my bouts, and I was looking for some guidance on how to control this. Santiago helped by teaching me how to control my breathing and settle my thoughts. I really like his patience and overall approach. Working with a mental coach was a new thing for both my parents and me, and we were not sure what the method would be, but I am continuing to learn how to guide negative thoughts and nervousness to work for me. I would recommend CamuWave to other fencers or athletes who are looking to improve their game. Thank you Santiago for understanding my specific needs and being so patient on difficult bouts and on days where everything seems to go wrong.
Diego, 15

Foil Fencer

I paralleled my physical therapy with CamuWave’s training exercises.  Working with Santiago was an attitude and morale booster.  Santiago taught me how to turn negative thinking into positive visualizations that led to a better sense of being and a faster recovery time.  I was released from physical therapy 3 weeks in advance due to my fast progress.  I was at 100% and performing at an even higher level within seven months after my surgery. Two years after my rehabilitation experience, I still find myself applying visualization and positive thinking techniques to any challenges that life throws at me. I recommend CamuWave to anyone that is serious about not only performing at a high athletic level, but to anyone that wants to achieve a greater sense of being.
Yvan, 32

Former Marine, Soccer Player

As a Fencer and a football player I was looking to get stronger mentally, especially when it came to dealing with frustration when things didn’t go as I expected them to go. Santiago has helped me by teaching me different ways to channel stress and anger related to this frustration. I really like how approachable and easy to work with he is. I would recommend Santiago to athletes who are looking to let go of stress, and to those who get angry easily and often.
Matt, 15

Wide Receiver, Sabre Fencer

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